Nai Xander, Inc.

We sell 3D Printers, Standard filament and Special filament like PEEK, Ultem, Glamour Glitter, Galaxy and Twilight.

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Nai Xander is a 3D technology consulting company located in Washington, DC and a member of President Obama’s America Makes Institute. Our focus is on assisting businesses, institutions, government entities, and schools on how to apply 3D technology to meet current and future needs. We provide 3D consulting, training, 3D printing, 3D scanning and 3D modeling services and products for models, prototypes, and additive manufacturing solutions.

Innovative Tools & Devices

Additive manufacturing coupled with rapid prototyping has made 3D technology essential for creating new innovative tools and devices related to energy conservation, renewable energy, sensors and instruments, oceanic, atmospheric, aquatic and marine models.


Our consultants will work with schools to purchase equipment that helps to develop and enhance their current curriculum to align with STEAM and Next Generation Science Standards. We have developed activities, lesson plans and models for assisting students in obtaining hands-on experience by utilizing key techniques that prepare them for the next generation workforce.

Legal and Forensic Services

Attorneys, forensic specialists and legal experts can utilize our 3D modeling and 3D scanning services in order to 3D print props, evidence, and re-create crime scenes and auto accidents to improve presentations in hearings and courtroom cases. These visual aids can quickly and effectively explain complex legal problems, better demonstrate ideas and scenarios, which may otherwise prove difficult to describe.


Medical offices, clinics, colleges and universities can create customized tools, medical anatomy parts, prosthetics and additive manufacturing solutions for a wide variety of medical uses and studies.


Dentistry is the industry fastest to fully utilize 3D technology. By combining oral scanning, CAD software, and 3D printers, dental offices can accurately and rapidly produce bridges, crowns, teeth impressions, and orthodontic appliances.


Architects can utilize our services to create architectural models from CAD drawings and 3D scans. Our consultants can combine various filament types and techniques to produce quality reproductions.


3D printing enables engineers to create models, tools, and devices to use in industrial, mechanical, software development, and commercial areas.

Our CAD designers can create prototypes, props, models, toys and customized tools for print.

Our consultants provide an effective mix of industry experience and seasoned leadership.

Convert physical objects into accurate and detailed digital models.