Nai Xander, Inc.

We sell 3D Printers, Standard filament and Special filament like PEEK, Ultem, Glamour Glitter, Galaxy and Twilight.

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Our CAD designers create digital models from photos, sketches and drawings.

Do you have some innovative and unique ideas to offer your 3D printing services? We can get behind that. With our 3D modeling service, you can bring your ideas to reality.

Now that 3D printing has become a big deal and hit the mainstream, more and more people are in the market to design and create 3D printable objects.

Save time, costs and boost productivity with 3D modeling capabilities at Nai Xander. 3D modeling is a critical facet for product development in the 21st century as it provides the basis for simulation, design and manufacturing across a broad range of applications, products and industries.

Our CAD designers can create prototypes, props, models, toys and customized tools for print.

Our consultants provide an effective mix of industry experience and seasoned leadership.

Convert physical objects into accurate and detailed digital models.