Nai Xander, Inc.

We sell 3D Printers, Standard filament and Special filament like PEEK, Ultem, Glamour Glitter, Galaxy and Twilight.

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Businesses can provide personalized and tailored objects for a wide variety of needs. We are able to print in a wide variety of colors and materials.

There are no doubt a lot of interesting 3D printing services and 3D printing companies who compel potential customers with descriptive words like “easy” and “affordable.”  We pride ourselves in making sure our customers are completely satisfied with the 3D printing solutions we offer.

We are your one-stop shop you need to bring you ideas to life. Think you can’t print that life-saving medical device? Think again as 3D printing’s ever-evolving technology means the possibilities are endless.

3D printing is a process capable of creating innovative and complex designs that would otherwise be impossible to create. So whether you need custom jewelry, a functional guitar or an orthodontic appliance for your practice, 3D printing brings your ideas to life.

Our CAD designers can create prototypes, props, models, toys and customized tools for print.

Our consultants provide an effective mix of industry experience and seasoned leadership.

Convert physical objects into accurate and detailed digital models.