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3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, has been adopted by many businesses to replace current prototyping methods and are even used as part of the manufacturing process. With the increasing popularity of this industry, more and more 3D printing companies are being utilized. 3D printing will certainly be one the technologies that will grow significantly in the near future. Here are a few of the benefits associated with 3D printing.

Inexpensive Manufacturing

Traditional methods of manufacturing tend to be rather costly, especially when compared to 3D printing. And the better news is that as improvements are made in the 3D printing process, the costs of manufacturing will decline even further.


Traditional methods of manufacturing tend to be slow in comparison to producing something in a 3D printer. In fact, there are instances when comparing 3D printing to traditional manufacturing is like comparing a race car to a horse-drawn cart. Industrial 3D printers hold the capability to produce an object in a matter of hours while traditional methods may take several days to produce the same object. What does this mean to a business? How about the tremendous amount of savings that occurs when a company can simply produce a product in demand, eliminating the need to have products built up in warehouses.

Less Waste

Traditional manufacturing of metal or plastic objects leads to waste. There are some products in which up to 90 percent of the material that is cut away winds up as waste. 3D printing is an additive process as opposed to a cut-away process, therefore, waste is reduced to a minimum. This is yet another way 3D printing reduces production costs.

Better Quality

When you pull a batch of chocolate chip cookies from the oven, you notice that some cookies have more chips in them than others. This is important because you want to eat the cookies with the most chocolate chips. Traditional production methods are a lot like making chocolate chip cookies. That is, pouring a product into a tray to be cooled could result in small flaws like unwanted bubbles, varying thickness and components grouped to one side. But if you could construct a chocolate chip cookie in additive manufacturing, through 3D printing, you have total control of where each chocolate chip is placed. You wind up with a batch of cookies with the same amount of chips in each one in precisely the exact same locations, in every single cookie.

New Structures and Shapes

Traditional methods of manufacturing rely on molds and cutting technologies that produce a finite number of structures and shapes. And for complex creations, several parts need to be manufactured separately and pieced together. But a 3D printer is capable of producing very complex structures and shapes limited only by your imagination. And this method of producing such unique objects gives them more durability and higher structural integrity.

With so many benefits 3D printing has to offer, it is a wonder why you haven’t tried to contact us yet. We are sure you have questions concerning 3D printing and how it can boost your business. Give us a call and we will provide answers.





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