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We sell 3D Printers, Standard filament and Special filament like PEEK, Ultem, Glamour Glitter, Galaxy and Twilight.

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Engineers and architects often rely on models and drawings of their projects to aid in their work. Unfortunately, 2D design models don’t always provide skilled professionals the accuracy and speed necessary to complete some projects or discover solutions to any number of challenges. 3D modeling can be implemented and used to improve both efficiency and aesthetics in their designs. This is only one reason 3D companies are becoming so popular.

3D modeling provides engineers and architects with the tools they need.

Speed- Professionals need to correctly interpret data the first time through. 3D models leave little question about specific aspects of a structure or site simply because it creates a much more accurate picture. This means professionals spend much less time trying to decipher 2D drawings, enabling them to finish projects in a more timely manner.

Control- Architects and engineers using 2D technology spent time measuring and remeasuring parts of a structure or a site to ensure an accurate model. 3D modeling eliminates this time-consuming process as it holds the ability to create pinpoint models of real space. This also prevents costly mistakes from occurring as design issues or structural weakness is caught before any wall is constructed or any concrete is poured.

Visualization- 3D models can also be manipulated in ways 2D drawings simply cannot. Professionals are able to test specific scenarios within their 3D designs to create a more accurate picture, designs can then be easily rendered if needed.

3D modeling holds many benefits over 2D drawings, enabling projects to be completed quickly, efficiently and within budget.


Our CAD designers can create prototypes, props, models, toys and customized tools for print.

Our consultants provide an effective mix of industry experience and seasoned leadership.

Convert physical objects into accurate and detailed digital models.