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3D printing services are increasing in popularity and quickly spreading into the consumer market. It is certainly one of the top technologies to follow in the next several years. But some may wonder what the real benefits of 3D printing are, so we decided to construct a list. Here are a few benefits associated with 3D printing.

3D printing is being used more and more, especially with larger companies, as a way to replace traditional methods of manufacturing. With savings as much as 70 percent, 3D printing saves big bucks for corporations. Much of this savings comes from less need to rely on overseas parts suppliers which save in shipping and packaging costs. And with the addition of better techniques and mainstream adaptation, 3D printing costs will likely continue to drop.

Comparing the speed of 3D printing to traditional forms of manufacturing is like comparing a Delorean to a horse-drawn cart. Really, there is no comparison as industrial 3D printers are able to manufacture most objects in mere hours while traditional methods take several days if not weeks. Think about how much money a company can save not having to stock warehouses with products when they can just print them on demand.

Traditional methods of manufacturing are a wasteful process with a lot of surplus material. Some manufacturers see up to 90 percent waste in the materials they use. This is yet another cost-cutting achievement that also lowers the impact on the environment.

Check back and we will give you even more benefits associated with 3D printing.




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