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3D printing technology has changed a lot since its inception in the mid-1980s. It did gain traction in the 1990s, but wouldn’t become popular outside the world of engineering until the last few years. Now, 3D printing and scanning services are one of the hottest commodities on the market. This type of printing makes it possible to create many types of items from scratch in just a few hours or less. 3D printing applications are seemingly endless as the technology can be used in many industries. Here is a look at some real benefits of 3D printing.

Traditional methods of manufacturing depend on moulding and cutting technologies to create limited structures and shapes. But 3D printing transforms this process as the technology allows for complex figures that are only limited by a person’s imagination. Not only that, 3D technology gives these designs a higher structural integrity as well as more durability. So 3D technology gives us new structures and shapes.

The high costs of chemicals teamed with their physical properties make the combining of different raw materials for mass production a high-cost process. And often, it is not even possible. 3D printing has eliminated many of these limitations and has opened the door to innovative and cost-effective manufacturing.

The traditional methods of manufacturing metal or plastic objects is a particularly wasteful process with a lot of surplus left over. Creating these items with the use of 3D printing technologies means less waste as well as less energy used in the process.

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