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To be absolutely clear, 3-D scanning is not magical, nor is it something you just see in science-fiction movies. While it is true that the technologies used in 3-D scanning are very advanced and quite spectacular, it is not a process that requires smoke and mirrors. So when searching for 3-D scanning services, remember they do exist and do very fine work.

3-D scanning is a process that digitally captures the shape of physical objects using a line of laser light. It is the latest way to capture any object’s exact size and shape on a computer as a representation in full 3-D. 3-D scanning captures shapes quickly and incredibly accurately. And you would be surprised at the applications already used in 3-D scanning.

3-D scanning has been successfully used in the creation of artificial limbs and even in other individual body parts. 3-D scanners pose no safety risk to people, so there are no worries about radiation or anything else that can bring harm. 3-D scanning is also used in plastic surgery, post-trauma care and has even been used to create wheelchairs.

There are several industrial applications in which 3-D scanning is utilized. For example, 3-D scanning has been used for quality control purposes, reverse engineering and prototyping.

3-D scanning has been used in some big time motion pictures including the Harry Potter series. When you play the newest video games on your PlayStation, X-Box or even computer, you are likely enjoying work that was created with the aid of 3-D scanning.

And to think, the list of applications associated with 3-D scanning will continue to grow.





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